Shipping Point Subtropical F&V Report - Phoenix, AZ
PHOENIX Shipping Point Prices as of 09-OCT-2019                                 
Provided by:  Specialty Crops Market News                                       
              Federal - State Market News Service, USDA.                        
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Prices represent open (spot) market sales by first handlers on product of       
generally good quality and condition unless otherwise stated and may include    
promotional allowances or other incentives.  No consideration is given to       
after-sale adjustments unless otherwise stated.  Reported prices generally      
include, but are not limited to, applicable brokerage fees and commissions,     
Customs fees and duties, U.S. packaging and U.S. freight costs prior to first   
sale, paid by the shipper/seller. Delivered Sales, Shipping Point Basis         
excludes all charges for freight after sale.                                    


MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH TEXAS                                                 
Sales F.O.B. Shipping Point and/or Delivered Sales, Shipping Point Basis       
MISC TROPICAL FRUIT AND VEG                                                    
2019 Season                                                                    
---CHAYOTE: DEMAND FAIRLY GOOD. MARKET STEADY. Extra services included. Wide   
range in quality. 40 lb cartons 10.00-14.00 mostly 11.00-13.00 occasional      
higher and lower                                                               
---TOMATILLOS: DEMAND FAIRLY GOOD. MARKET STEADY. Wide range in size and       
quality. 1 1/9 bushel cartons/crates 12.00-16.00 mostly 14.00-15.00