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What do I do if I think I have a claim? 
Below is a flow chart of the claims process. Call the Spartan branch that your policy is with. The quicker your claim gets into the claims process the better. When you call we need to know the approximate number of acres, the location of the field(s) and the reason for the claim. We will turn in the claim and then an adjuster will contact you.
Claims Flow Chart

Farmer calls Spartan to report a possible claim

Adjuster will contact the farmer to get specific information on the possible loss

Farmer completes harvest

Adjuster completes the claim using actual production and/or appraised production

Claim is audited and paid
What should I do if an adjuster is coming out to appraise my crop?
  • Make and appointment when you can be there and spend some time with him.  
  • It is your responsibility to make sure he knows the correct fields to look at.   
  • Take the time to meet with him, go over the maps and show him the field.
  • Ask questions then!
  • A little time spent with the adjuster, may be to your benefit with less questions to be answered later and a faster claim check. 
I had a poor yield for my soybeans this year - how does that effect my yield history or guarantee for the next year?
Your APH yield cannot drop by more that 10% in one year. There will be a cup placed on the yield history average. If you did not harvest the soybeans at all, it will have a minimal effect, but that yield will stay in your database for 10 years. There is also the 60% T yield option available. If you have a poor yield, it will be replaced with 60% of the T-yield (county average) for that year. However, you need to request when you change your policy, as there is a small premium charge.